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Beta Reading Association

Maintaining Good Grammar, Spelling and Plots Since 2004

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This community is for fanfic writers needing a beta-reader or a beta-reader wanting to advertise their services.

If you're a fanfic writer without a beta, copy and paste the following form to provide information for any prospective betas, and please be as accurate as you can...

Is there a pairing in your story?: Some betas wish only to read G fiction
What elements would you like to be checked?:
When do you need your story to be beta'd?:
What rating is your story?: Please be accurate with this as there are betas do not want to read above a certain rating.
What category does your story subscribe to?: Romance, drama, angst, action, adventure....?
Does your fic take place in an alternate universe?:

Please provide any additional information under an lj-cut.

Willing betas should express an interest by commenting to the journal entry upon which the two users can organise their own arrangements.

Betas wishing to advertise their services should copy and paste the following form as a journal entry;

What fandoms will you beta for?:
What ratings are you willing to read?: Please list all that you are comfortable reading
Do you have any categories you have a preference for reading?:
Do you have any pairings you have a preference for reading?:
What do you concentrate on most?: Spelling, grammar, plot....
What will you not feel comfortable reading?: Please list anything you wouldn't want to beta

Anyone wishing to use the services of the beta should comment to the journal entry and organise it themselves from that point.

Any fighting will cause the offender to be banned from the community. If you have a problem with one of the betas or writers, then consult me through my email address:

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