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Need Of A Beta

Fandom: Harry Potter
Is there a pairing in your story?: Yes, het & homosexual (varies)
What elements would you like to be checked?: Ideas, grammatical editing, brit-pick.(I really would like someone[s] who are nazi-like in grammar, spelling, character development, plot-hole and cannons. Someone who if  they see a better way to approach a situation in my story will comment on it or just change it)
When do you need your story to be beta'd?: Whenever it's convenient I've just stared it. I probably will wait until I get a beta before I start posting
What rating is your story?: Ummm......  at least teen to mature (no I don't mean pornographic mature just violence mature)
What category does your story subscribe to?: Romance, drama, angst, adventure....
Does your fic take place in an alternate universe?: sometimes
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