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Long term Beta-Reader

That might be scary but... well... we have a HUGE project we're working on and we're desperately looking for someone who will help us along. Preferably through the whole thing. This is our first LARGE story. It's already over 90,000 words long and only 1/3 of the way finished. We are regular sporadic posters (oxymoronic? yeah kindda.) We post regularly, but not as regularly as we would wish.

THAT being said, this is what we want.

We want someone who will speak their mind, who will explain to us what they think IS working, and what they think ISN'T Working (We need both or we'll get discouraged). We need grammar, spelling, typo's and plot editing. Someone with good attention to detail and preferably a slight knowledge of fantasy stories out in publication (or history knowledge). The first book is mostly edited, but I do know there are a FEW typo's still remaining. (our first editor did a good job with editing book one, .. the first time around) This is going to be something where we'll write it, send it, get it back, rewrite it, send it back. So we need someone who won't mind getting the same chapter a few times. I also, prefer to have someone who would communicate with me, Either Email or IM, doesn't matter. But we need to have an open communication. (That's a MUST with us)

1. Pen Name: Fading Madness Productions (I'm Cassandra, you'll be mostly talking to me)
2. Fandom: Original Fantasy
3. Rating of the story: Pg-13-NC-17. (sex IS part of the plot, this isn't a giant PWP)
4. Pairing: This is a SLASH story. You know, two guys getting busy. (We're looking for an editor for a FemSlash story too, if you're interested)
5. Genre: Fantasy, romance

What kind of beta we're looking for is under the cut. And If you would like to read the story before deciding, feel free.

My email is Fading_eclipse@Yahoo.com

Okay so I seriously hope someone is willing to pick us up!

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